Trailers to films by Peace River Films

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Geronimo and the Apache Resistance

The American Experience 1988 – 56 minutes
For the first time, the Chiricahua Apaches tell the story of Geronimo, their legendary 19th century leader and of the 25 years of warfare with the U.S. government that ended in peace in the American southwest and the permanent exile of these, the most resistant of all Apaches, to the loss of traditional homelands in Arizona and New Mexico.

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

The American Experience 1993 – 56 minutes
With Meryl Streep as the voice of Rachel Carson
This is a film about Rachel Carson and the book that helped to begin the modern environmental movement and which has had a profound effect on the conservation of marine and aquatic life, as well as the quality of air, water and soil in all environments. It tells the story of Rachel Carson’s realization of wide spread pollution from pesticides and of her struggle to write the book and battle critics after its publication.

Following the Tundra Wolf

ABC-TV, 1975 – 45 Minutes
Narrated by Robert Redford
The first film ever made about the wolf entirely in the wild, this was made in the Canadian Northwest Territories along the Arctic circle and is a living portrait of the tundra wolf and its principal prey, the barren ground caribou. Using pioneering photographic techniques to obtain unique animal behavior footage, it tells the story of the wolf, the predator that inhabits the human imagination like no other creature.

Super Bridge

NOVA, 1997 – 56 minutes
Narrated by Hal Holbrook
A two-hour film about the construction of a large cable-stayed bridge over the Mississippi River, to be broadcast on PBS in November of 1997.

The Iron Road

The American Experience 1990 – 56 minutes
A one-hour film about the building of the transcontinental railway between Sacramento and Omaha in the 1860’s featuring stunning landscape photography, historic photographs and interviews with railroaders and historians and members of the Lakota tribe.

The Sea Behind the Dunes

NOVA, 1980 – 56 Minutes
1980 by Peace River Films. This is a film about a year in the life of Pleasant Bay, at the elbow of Cape Cod, before the 1980’s break in the barrier beach. It follows the lives of marine life and birds of many kinds as they respond to the change of seasons through reproduction, predation, migration and hibernation. Wildlife, underwater and microscopic photography.

Still Waters

NOVA, 1978 – 56 Minutes
This is a film about a year in the life of a New England beaver pond. Like the Sea Behind the Dunes, it follows beavers, birds, fish, microscopic life, frogs, insects, snakes, deer and fox, as their life cycles respond to the seasons. Wildlife, underwater and microscopic photography.

A Desert Place

NOVA, 1976 – 56 Minutes
This is a film about a year in the life of the Sonoran Desert that stretches across the Southwestern quarter of Arizona. From winter snow squalls to searing summer heat, to summer lightning and flash floods, the film follows the remarkable life forms that have adapted to survive in one of North America’s harshest and most unforgiving environments.

The Shape of Things

NOVA, 1985 – 56 minutes
This is a film about patterns, structures and shapes in nature. Using plants, animals, crystals, fluids, and the ways in which they grow and move, the film explores how the intricate and beautiful geometries of nature are formed.

Hawaii Born of Fire

NOVA, 1993 – 56 Minutes
A one-hour film about the ways in which plants, animals and people coexist with the destructive power of a volcano on the island of Hawaii, broadcast in the fall of 1995.

The Mystery of Animal Pathfinders

NOVA, 1986 – 56 minutes
This film is about animal migrations. Most of them have to do with terrestrial and aerial migrations of birds and insects, but there-is a segment, with underwater photography and animation, on the migration of the eel back and forth between the Atlantic coast of North America and the Sargasso Sea.

City of Coral

NOVA, 1983 – 56 Minutes
This film is about a complex, stunningly beautiful ecosystem, at the heart of which is a Caribbean coral reef. It includes shore life, bird life, as well as marine life, the large and the very small, by day and by night.

Animal Imposters

NOVA, 1982 – 56 Minutes
1982 by Peace River Films. This is a film about camouflage, deceptive behavior, warning coloration and mimicry among animals. There are several aquatic sequences: alligator snapping turtles with tongue lures; wrasse-saber tooth blenny mimicry; animals camouflaged in Sargasso weed.